Monday, May 18, 2009

Success through Perseverance

I graduated high school. I graduated college with a bachelor's degree in business administration, minoring in business management. I spent 10 years as a retail manager. I opened and ran an in-home day care for 3 years. I have run an online handcrafted soap business for 9 years. Three years ago I went back to college to pursue early childhood teacher certification. When I started back at college I never thought I would finish-the end seemed so far away. However, after taking all those education classes, student teaching was completed in April. All my major certification tests have been taken & I'm waiting on the results from the last test (due within the next week). I studied hard and lost a lot of sleep. I made the Dean's, Chancellor's, and President's list in my last four semesters.

You may be asking yourself why I think anyone should care. Why would I go on about my accomplishments? It's to prove that it's never too late to achieve success. It doesn't matter if you're fresh out of high school or if it's been 20 years! Success is measured by you and you alone.

I'm not someone who can do only one thing at a time. While I was a retail manager I started my soap business. As I did both of those I dropped to part-time retail manager and started the day care. I dropped the management and kept the soap business and day care. I dropped the day care when we decided to move south. While in college the second time around I have kept the soap business.

Again, my point is what? You CAN do whatever you want and find success. It takes time and hard work, but you can be successful!

As I look for an early childhood teaching job I will be continuing my soap business and featuring other women on this blog who have found success in their lives. Are you one of those successful women? Leave a comment & I'll send you a questionnaire so I can feature you in an upcoming post!